First draft screening questions

Below are the questions I will be asking my peers to help me improve my documentary

Analysis of results:


1st draft for ancillary texts

izzy 2.jpg
This is my first draft for my magazine review, It was complicated for me as it was my first time using my photoshop. However I watched Youtube tutorials and began to get the hang of it. I followed conventions of typical reviews that I have analysed previously by including the verdict box, title and important information of the film. 
film poster 2.jpg
This is my first draft for the film poster, after analysing 10 of these I decided what structure best suited my documentary. I chose an image that displayed Muslims but effective at the same time. 

Adjustments to the title

During filming the interviews I felt it was right to narrow down my title. After many decisions I have concluded on: ‘Muslim and British’. I feel this is more specific to the topic I’m discussing and gives the audience a insight before watching it.



Selective Exposure Theory

Selective exposure is a theory often ‘used in media and communication research, that historically refers to individuals’ tendency to favor information which reinforces their pre-existing views while avoiding contradictory information’.

Individuals tend to expose themselves to those messages that are in agreement with their attitudes and to avoid those that aren’t. This links to my documentary in which people are faced with news in big media institutions and leave out the more ‘positive’, different perspectives of certain topics.

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Below is my animatic for my documentary, the non-diegetic score will be underlaying the whole documentary in a soft tone. Over the top will be the interviewees responses.



Target audience research: Focus group

I held a focus group in which I asked the following questions:

  • What is your first impressions about the title ‘Consumed’?

From the responses I felt the title was too vague, therefore as a group we brainstormed other names for example: ‘Muslim and British’, ‘Your Ordinary Muslim’, ‘Life Of A Young Muslim’. After filming the footage I will decide which title will be best.

  • What makes a good documentary in your opinion?

The second question asked was important for me, all the people in the group said for the documentary to connect with there emotions and sympathies with the people through their experiences.

  • What kind of backing track sound would you expect?

Most said they would expect slow, mellow music. However the other half of the group said they would a song that links to the topic of this documentary. I thought I could use both, there is this famous Islamic singer called ‘Khaled Siddique’ in which I emailed him to be able to use his song ‘Road to Palestine’ because I knew this would engage the audience. Unfortunately he hasn’t responded to my email yet.

Image result for focus group


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