Final draft: Short film



Second draft: Magazine film review

Below is my second attempt of my magazine film review, I decided to changed the colour scheme as it appeared more of a horror/action type genre: I feel I need a lot of improving to the review to get it to the final product that I want it to so I’ll be asking peers in my class for guidance.

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 22.39.35

Second draft: Film poster

After analysing the first draft of my film poster I realised I wasn’t being creative nor conventional. After experimenting with the positioning of my text and image I decided to go with a layout which I was happy with. However I’ve taken my main image from Google so for now I will keep it to get a better vision of the final draft.

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 18.21.28

This image in the poster has inspired me to recreate my own, I’ve ordered the props in hope to create the same message that I want to portray for the next draft.


First draft screening questions

Below are the questions I will be asking my peers/friends and family for feedback to help me improve my documentary

From this feedback I had received I’m aware that I need to make the editing much more professional and proficient. 

My overall improvements: 

  • Make all my cuts and transitions consistent – maybe do straight cuts and fade when introducing new scenes
  • Continuity issues- Close up of the hands need to match the actions in the scene
  • Waseem is a bit out of focus- Need to add a sharpen plug in 
  • Colour correction needed

Suggestions to improve:

  • Break the information up- add text facts, news headlines maybe even questions to break up the editing 

Image result for improvemnts

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